March 4&5 at the historic

Union Station Hotel 

Thursday from 6pm-10pm

and Friday from 9am-2pm

Meet us in St. Louis, MO for the

*BONUS : Bring your husband

Thursday evening at

no additional cost!


Dr. Kathy Koch / Todd Wilson / Sherri Seligson / Melissa Hannigan / Suzanne Phillips / Megan Almon / Julie LaQuey / Abby LaQuey 

& more...

Audience and Lecturer

We know homeschooling can be tough.

You may be a seasoned pro, a first year family,

or maybe you're considering taking the leap

(spoiler alert: it's amazing!). 

Join with homeschooling experts for a day of wisdom, relevant information and rest. 

We are coming to a city near you!


Session 1 / Thursday / 6:00pm - 8:30pm

What About Mom's Goals? - Sherri Seligson

Five to Thrive: Meet Your Child's Core Needs - Dr. Kathy Koch

Begin with the End in Sight : Vision & Mission - Suzanne Phillips

Focus on Can, not Can't : Our Child's Challenges are their Opportunities - Julie LeQauy

BONUS / Thursday / 8:40pm - 10:00pm


Am I Ruining My Children? What I Wish I Knew As a New Homeschool Mom - Sherri Seligson

Real Mom Talk Q&A - Sherri Seligson, Melissa Hannigan, Megan Almon


Help! I'm Married to a Homeschooling Mom - Todd Wilson

Real Talk with Dads Q&A - Todd Wilson and guests

Session 2 / Friday / 9:00am - 11:30pm

8 Great Smarts : Children are Smarter than you Think They Are! - Dr. Kathy Koch

Beliefs and Strategies that Encourage First Time Obedience - Dr. Kathy Koch

Frustrated, Perfectionistic Kids: Moving The From "I Can't" to "I Can" - Dr. Kathy Koch

Session 3 / Friday / 12:00am - 2:00pm

Cultivate 12 Qualities that Increase Success and Make Life More Vivid - Melissa Hannigan

Whats Going on with my Middle Schooler, Navigating High School - Sherri Seligson

Fostering the Hate of Learning - Todd Wilson


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